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Business Banking

Experienced, equipped & striving for your success.

Our team will ensure that you have access to the capital your business needs to thrive.

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Our Business Banking solutions include

Project Financing

Our clients trust us to help them when it matters most. When managing large-scale development projects, access to financing is critical for the seamless execution of activities. At almost every stage of the project, there are raw materials to be purchased or human resources to be compensated so it is common for there to be substantial cash outflows as the project progresses.

ANSA Merchant Bank’s flexible project financing terms can help you to expand your business or complete major plant upgrades without depleting your business’ cash reserves.

Let’s discuss how we can fulfill the financial needs of your next project.

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Lease Financing

Our Operating and Finance Lease Financing plans allow your business to:

Customise your plan – You can make one monthly payment which includes insurance and maintenance costs bundled with the cost of the leased item. We can customise your plan to suit your business’ needs.

Keep initial costs low – Down payments are not required when applying for lease financing because we can finance up to 100% of the cost. That helps your business with cash flow.

Beat depreciation and obsolescence – Some items lose their value very rapidly, especially within the first few years of being produced. Leasing is a more attractive option than buying the item because it allows you to easily switch to a newer, updated model when your first lease ends and you are applying for another one.

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Fleet Financing

Expand your business’ fleet of trucks or vehicles to go the extra mile for your clients who depend on you to keep the supply chain moving.

Does building your business mean building a fleet? Our customers range from a fleet of one to a fleet of many. They’ve trusted us for generations because we take the hassle out of fleet financing.

Over the years, we’ve developed a growth-finance solution that works for businesses small and large, private or public.

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Corporate Line of Credit

Through leveraging the assets that your business currently owns, we help you get the working capital your business needs now so you can fund the business you envision for the future. A revolving line of credit allows you to access the cash flow your business needs in the short term so you can pay suppliers and employees when payments become due. With a line of credit, your business will have a pre-approved credit limit which can be used to access funds when you need it most.

Enjoy these benefits:

No need to submit re-applications for additional credit every time it is needed.

Get financing up to a maximum of 70% of the value of assets that are used as collateral.

Simply draw down from the corporate line of credit, up to the pre-approved credit limit.

Make repayments to clear outstanding credit balance.

Only pay interest on the amount of credit used, not the entire amount of the line of credit limit.

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Corporate Debt Consolidation

Reduce your short-term, cash-flow stress with flexible financing solutions in line with your unique financial situation.

Debt Refinancing
Replace your existing loan(s) with a new loan which has a lower interest rate and/or more favourable terms.

Debt Consolidation
Consolidate your existing loans into one so you only have to make one monthly payment.

Restructure Debt
Extend the original tenure of your existing loan(s) to spread out the repayments over a longer period.

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How to Get Started

You will need to submit the following documents to apply for a business loan

Certificate of Incorporation | Certificate of Continuance

Articles of Incorporation | Articles of Continuance

Updated Annual Return

Financial Statements for the last three (3) years

Bank Statements | Account History for the last six (6) months

Company Profile

Two (2) IDs each Director & Corporate Secretary

Proof of address – Utility bill no older than three (3) months

VAT registration certificate & BIR number

Know Your Customer (KYC) Corporate Due Diligence

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