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Lease Financing

On Your Terms

Get all the benefits of leasing with ANSA Merchant Bank’s customisable lease financing plans.


An Alternative to Owning

Every business relies on a wide variety of resources and yours is no different. However, purchasing the resources you need is not your only option. Have you considered getting financing to lease vehicles, equipment, machinery and more instead?

Types of Lease Financing Plans

At ANSA Merchant Bank, we offer two types of Lease Financing Plans for your convenience.

Operating Lease

With our customisable Operating Lease Financing Plan your business can:

Use the leased item (vehicle, equipment etc.) until the end of the lease period.

Treat all monthly payments as a business expense so that it reduces your tax liability.

Keep the item off your balance sheet so you do not have to account for the depreciation in its value.

At the end of the lease period, upgrade to a more updated version of the item when you begin a new lease.

Use our Online Calculator to get an estimate of your monthly payment with an Operating Lease Financing plan.

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Finance Lease

Our flexible Finance (or Capital) Lease Financing Plan allows your business to:

Use the leased item (vehicle, equipment etc.) throughout the lease period.

Pay the VAT on the purchase price of the leased item upfront. If your business is registered to collect VAT, you can make a claim for it in your VAT returns.

Have the option to purchase the item at the residual value at the end of the lease period.

Reduce your monthly payment by choosing a higher residual amount at the beginning of your lease.

If you decide to purchase the item at the end of the lease period, your business will own it and would be able to sell it at market value. If the market value of the item is higher than the residual amount your business paid to purchase it, you can make a profit upon selling.

Use our Online Calculator to get an estimate of your monthly payment with a Finance Lease Financing plan.

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Benefits of Lease Financing

Leasing offers significant advantages:

Customise your plan – You can make one monthly payment which includes insurance and maintenance costs bundled with the cost of the leased item. We can customise your plan to suit your business’ needs.

Keep initial costs low – Down payments are not required when applying for lease financing because we can finance up to 100% of the cost. That helps your business with cash flow.

Beat depreciation and obsolescence – Some items lose their value very rapidly, especially within the first few years of being produced. Leasing is a more attractive option than buying the item because it allows you to easily switch to a newer, updated model when your first lease ends and you are applying for another one.

What Can You Lease?

We have helped our clients with lease financing for:

Light Motor Vehicles (Company Cars)

Trucks – Vans, Tankers, Tractor-Trailers, Box Trucks etc

Heavy Equipment & Machinery – Tractors, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excavators, Forklifts, Loaders etc.

How to Get Started

You will need to submit the following documents to apply for a business loan

Certificate of Incorporation | Certificate of Continuance

Articles of Incorporation | Articles of Continuance

Updated Annual Return

Financial Statements for the last three (3) years

Bank Statements | Account History for the last six (6) months

Company Profile

Two (2) IDs each Director & Corporate Secretary

Proof of address – Utility bill no older than three (3) months

VAT registration certificate & BIR number

Know Your Customer (KYC) Corporate Due Diligence

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