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Wealth Management

Enjoy the benefits of your wealth.
Not the stress.

We take the stress and complexity out of protecting and growing your wealth portfolio.

ANSA Merchant Bank’s Wealth Management team have been serving high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients for over 40 years.

We help our clients manage their investment portfolios; tax strategies; business ownership structures; family and generational considerations; and other specialized needs and wants.

As wealth portfolios evolve and grow through the passage of time, these relationships often deepen into financial life management.

A winning Wealth Strategy

As our client, you will benefit from our holistic approach to managing your wealth over the long term.

We keep you updated regularly with quality insights about your portfolio without provoking “information fatigue.”

Your relationship will be with a dedicated Wealth Manager who is backed by specialists in investments, treasury, pensions, tax, retirement, inheritance planning, protection and other areas of financial management.

ANSA Merchant Bank’s Wealth team coordinates all the services needed to manage your assets and your money, as we plan for your current and future needs.

Needs such as:

Investment advice and management

Estate planning

Philanthropic planning

Risk management and insurance planning

Lifestyle procurements

Retirement planning

Banking services

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We take the time to get to know you.

As with any good business relationship, we have to get to know each other. We can then develop a strategy for protecting and growing your wealth according to your goals.

Your Wealth Manager will regularly review and update these goals, and rebalance your financial portfolio where needed.

We’ll also determine if you want us to work with you on a discretionary or an advisory basis.

Some clients don’t want to spend time managing their money, so we do it for them. This is a discretionary approach where we manage your investment portfolio and financial requirements in line with your instructions. You don’t have to make decisions on where to invest, or worry about when to buy or sell. You can get on with your business and your life, and be kept up-to-date through our regular contact and timely reports.

The advisory approach is where you steer the ship on a daily basis and we are your support team. We’ll make recommendations based on our market intelligence, your attitude to risk, and your circumstances. But you will agree and approve changes before they are made to your portfolio. Though you make the decisions, there are many maintenance tasks we can handle to make your job easier.

There is, of course, a hybrid between the two approaches.

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Our core principles

Whichever approach you prefer, be assured that we will always abide by our core principles:

Confidentiality – We treat our clients with the utmost respect and confidentiality, recognising the importance of discretion.

Trust – We abide by our clients’ wishes, and adhere to their stated risk tolerance in the deployment of their funds.

Sound risk management – We protect our clients’ wealth in unfavourable markets, and create growth in favourable times.

Do you have an expert companion on your financial journey who takes the stress out of  managing your wealth?

Is your portfolio working at its best for you and delivering on your goals?

If our approach is what you’ve been looking for, and you’d like to find out more, it all starts with a conversation.

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