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Investment Services

Informed Investing Yields A Profitable Return

Market intelligence, proactive trend reporting, and qualitative data analysis are at the heart of successful investment strategies.

We identify and collect relevant market, economic, and financial data from all regions for the benefit of our customers.


Over TTD7bn under management

ANSA Merchant Bank’s professional Investment Managers successfully oversee more than TTD7billion across all asset classes for our institutional client base.

Our local and regional customers include Corporate Investment portfolios, Life Insurance companies, and Pension Funds of all sizes.

On behalf of our clients, we navigate complex financial landscapes where we identify, interpret, and analyse meaningful financial movements to assess current performance and model future behaviour based on emerging trends.

Our experience and reputation go before us, having safeguarded and grown our clients’ wealth for over 40 years.

This longstanding success in local, regional, and global investment banking springs from time-honoured financial best practises and adaptability to change.

Your style of Investing

Discretionary: Some of our clients prefer for us to manage their portfolios on a daily basis. They’d rather remain passive investors due to their busy lives and professional commitments. Managing investments is a full-time job. It demands deep qualifications and extensive experience in piloting everything from boutique funds to super-sized portfolios through every imaginable market scenario. Our discretionary clients are always kept up-to-date with regular reporting about the performance of their investments in relation to their goals.

Non-Discretionary: Others prefer to be directly involved in the daily activities of managing their own portfolios. We will act upon our clients’ instructions, ensuring there is clear agreement before any transaction is completed. This ensures that our non-discretionary clients have absolute control over how their funds are deployed, while having the advantage of our market knowledge and services to make their decisions come to fruition.

Strategic partners to successful investors

The Investment Team at ANSA Merchant Bank is a strategic partner to some of the largest and most successful institutional investors in the region.

We have the infrastructure, expertise, tools, and passion to drive growth and profitability over the medium and long term.

For a friendly and informal consultation, we invite fund and portfolio managers seeking new ideas from a successful investment team to…

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